Sample Itinerary 9 Days

Day 1:August 5th - Isreal
Depart USA on our evening flight to Tel Aviv.

Day 2:                                                                                                                                                     Overnight Tel Aviv
Arrive Ben Gurion International airport, where we will be welcomed by our guide and driver.
We will visit the port city of Jaffa before checking in to our hotel on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.
(Optional: Valley of Elah, Bell Cave, and Museum of the Diaspora)

Day 3:                                                                                                                                                     Overnight Galilee
After our first full Israeli breakfast, we begin our day at Independence Hall, where the declaration of Independence was signed in 1948. Leaving Tel Aviv, we will drive north along the Mediterranean, and stop at Caesarea Maritima, a massive Roman City built by Herod the Great, and later used by the Crusaders. We will climb Tel Megiddo, where the final battle will be fought, and we will walk through Nazareth Village, a living presentation of the life and teachings of Jesus, before reaching Ginosar Village, our home for 2 nights on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.
(Optional: Muhraka, Atlit, Acco en route to Galilee)

IsrealDay 4:                                                       Overnight Galilee
We will feel the closeness of the Lord as we walk where He walked and taught, around the shores of the Galilee. We will visit Capernaum, the Mt. of Beatitudes and Tabgha as we consider what His teachings mean to us. We will have the opportunity to be baptized* in the Jordan River, and we will see the "Jesus Boat", located at Nof Ginosar. Time permitting, we will visit Mount Bental on the Golan Heights, as we try to understand and appreciate the wars which have been fought there.
*Baptisms require pre-planning and details will be provided. Discretion of the group leader is required to determine group needs.
(optional: dinner out in Tiberias; chocolate factory)                            

IsrealDay 5:                                                         Overnight Ein Gedi
Today we leave the tranquil waters of the Sea of Galilee and drive south through the Jordan Valley, stopping at Beit She’an, one of the oldest occupied cities in the ancient Near East, and a city from which the Canaanites were never driven out. We will have the opportunity to plant a tree before we continue south to the desert area, passing Qumran and Jericho before we reach the Dead Sea and have a float. The botanical gardens of the Ein Gedi Hotel will be a welcome sight!                                                                                                                      
(optional: Ein Gedi waterfall, botanical garden tour at the hotel)

Isreal - CamalDay 6:                                                                              Overnight Jerusalem
Today we will travel by cable car to the fortress of Masada, built by Herod the Great as a summer palace, and the location of the last stand by the Jewish patriots in 73 AD.  After a bite of lunch and some shopping, we will make our ascent to the City of the Great King: Jerusalem!
Our official welcome to the city will be at the University Overlook, after which we will visit the Western Wall and the Southern Excavations before settling in at our hotel home for the remainder of the trip.

Day 7-9:                                                                         Overnight Jerusalem
Over the next few days we will experience the City of the Great King by visiting the Mt of Olives,  Dominus Flevit, the Israel Museum, Gethsemane, Yad Vashem, the Old City and the Jewish Quarter. We will go to Bethlehem, visit David's City, the Garden Tomb and Gallicantu, and we will walk the rampart walls. There will be time for shopping, laughter, and perhaps some tears as we make the Holy City our own.
(there are many options not listed here that will be determined by the group leader, and as time allows).
After our farewell dinner, we will make our way to the airport for our overnight flight home.