We love our clients, and in turn, they embrace us with warm, positive testimonials of their experiences of traveling with us.

Greg - Traveled with us in 2010

"As a Biblical student I had Israel "frozen" in time-about 2000 years ago. Not only did this tour further educate me about times then, but introduced me to the "rest of the story."

Carolyn - Traveled with us in 2010

"You began your letter with this prayer: 'I pray that each of you have come home with a new understanding of God's Holy Land and Her people, and that your relationship with Him has been strengthened and enriched.' God answered your prayer in ways that are still manifesting themselves, and yes, of yes, Israel is a very real part of our lives now."

Pat - Traveled with us in 2012

"I feel Israel is now part of me life and I really don't know why it affected me this way. I am Irish and have visited Ireland three times but I don't feel and special relationship to Ireland. Strange!"

Betsy - Traveled with us in 2012; Her 4th Trip!

"I am eternally grateful that God has chosen to put within me a heart for Israel and that He has arranged-through Beth and Jackie-the means for me to visit this special place. This experience is like no other, I am convinced. I am already looking forward to my next trip!"

Jessica - Traveled with us in 2012

"When I was on the plane sitting on the runway to depart, my heart was aching and I was thanking God and asking Him to allow me to return one day. I didn't expect to feel so sad when leaving; I left a part of my heart there."

Karin - Traveled with us in 2016; Her 4th Trip!

"I am so blessed each and every time I have been able to go-and I can't wait to go again!" 

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