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Have you tried to sell Israel but have never been yourself? Or, were you so emotionally attached that the details seemed less important at the time?

According to, 148.30 million people "used the internet to make reservations for their accommodations, tours and activities" in 2013, but statistics show that many are returning to travel agents because the web offers "too many travel products to decipher". Report after report confirm that for any beyond "air and a hotel" is given to a travel agent so that options can be offered and suggestions can be made.

There are hundreds of travel agencies that sell tours and packages to Israel, but we are unlike all of them. What sets us apart is that along with our tours, we offer an introduction to the people of Israel; her elderly, her young children, her philosophers, her Holocaust survivors. Ours is not just a check list of the "must-see" sites that every other group is visiting, but we linger in many locations to search the history and the matching scripture to find relevance in today's world. If we can begin a relationship with the folks we meet while we are there, all the better, and we return home forever changed. Your clients will be grateful that you found this tour and that they have done more than "visit" Israel.

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Travel to Israel is not slowing down, in spite of the unrest in the Middle East.

Despite the wave of terror attacks perpetuated against Israelis during October and November 2015, Israel saw a significant spike in tourism during October. Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics released a report in November 2015, detailing how 290,000 tourists visited Israel in October as opposed to only 224,000 visitors during September. This represents a 29% increase in tourism during a period of time when Israelis were being randomly assaulted by Palestinian extremists. In addition, this number represents a 5% overall increase in tourism numbers compared to October 2014. The majority of these tourists (257,000), arrived in Israel by plane.

Gai BeachI have been a travel agent for 3 decades (and continue to be), and the hours that we spend on research are astounding to those of us not in the business.

Now, you have an option that alleviates that loss of time (and revenue) and allows you to discuss Israel tours and packages with the same authority that comes with personal experience.

Whatever questions you have, we will help you find an answer, and whatever tour your client needs, we will help you design it.

Some days, I don't want to be a travel agent.
Some days I want to be a world traveler.
Most days, I need to be both.

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