Adventure Options

Unsure you will find something you love in Israel? There are as many options as there are types of travelers, and these are only a few. Let us know what needs to be marked off your bucket list and we will find something for you.

Rafting is a growing sport in Israel, and on any given summer day, you can find hundreds of Israelis and tourists rafting on the Jordan River from Kibbutz Kfar Blum or Ha Goshrim.

Interested in volunteering on an archaeological dig? In 2016, there are 64 digs accepting volunteers, both as a tour, and single destination digs.

More than half of the Israeli population lives along the coast of the Mediterranean, and the diving in some areas is considered the best in the world. The southern tip of Israel borders the Red Sea and divers are not the only ones that love this area; your family will love swimming with the dolphins in their own habitat! 

Want to volunteer for the Israeli Defense Forces? You can! Volunteer programs exist and you can enroll for a minimum of three weeks, and one of our clients did just that!

Faith and family go together for most Israeli's, and there are many family vacations available. Tell us the ages of your children and we will design something special for you and your little ones.

Searching for a study abroad program? Hebrew University in Jerusalem alone had over 50 programs this year, and they will be attended by students from 80 countries.

Interested in parasailing? Enjoy the spectacular view over the beautiful waters of the Red Sea in the southernmost part of Israel. Look closely; you might see folks swimming with the dolphins below!

Are you interested in studies on environmental education? We can do that, too!

If hiking is what you love, the Jesus Trail in the Galilee area offers approximately 41 miles of trails; some self-guided and family oriented. Further south, Ein Gedi has 3-6 hour trails for beginners and the most experienced hikers so don't forget to pack the right shoes!

Aside from vacation and study options, there are health reasons for visiting Israel, too. For example, if you suffer from chronic skin problems, the medical centers at and around the Dead Sea have treatment options for that, and many insurance policies will cover them. Please check with us to match you with someone that can help.

Don’t forget the winter sports! What about skiing, ice hockey, and ice skating?

From skydiving above the Bay of Haifa to rappelling down dry cliffs in the south, we have your adventure covered. From traditional dancing in Tel Aviv to zip lining in the Galilee, we will sing His praises every step of the way!