Beth Rudin teaching(kôNˈsyerZH,ˌkänsēˈerZH/)
1. caretaker
2. employee whose job is to assist
Synonyms: doorkeeper*; attendant; caretaker; keeper; watchman

Rudin Israel Tours, Concierge for Israel has a combined total of over 45 years' experience designing itineraries to Israel for groups as few as 3 people. Our goal is to provide as much information and direction as you need so we can introduce you to the heart of Israel: Her people.

As someone with a deep commitment to the Lord and a heart for Israel, it seems only natural that I would dedicate my work to be a "caretaker" for Israel by providing information and opportunities for those who are interested and want to become part of the movement of those traveling to Israel in search of the things most important in life.

Adam Milstein, Chairman of the Board at The Israeli American Council explains "Israeliness" in an article called "From Vision to Action: Five Ways that Israeli-Americans are Changing the Face of Jewish Life in the U.S.". In this article, he explains the term "Israeliness" as the very identity of persons who live, or lived in Israel and chose to leave. That identity includes "Israeli culture; Jewish values; Hebrew, the modern version of the biblical language; pride in the Jewish tradition and history; a deep belief in Zionism (believing in the right of the Jewish people to live freely in their homeland); a connection to the Land of Israel; and a commitment to the idea that the Jewish people around the globe are brothers, sisters, in one big family." If that identity can be tapped it can be shared with the next generations and thus perpetuate the heart of Judaism.

Other than the language, I have those things and yet I do not have the identity. What I do have is the heart, and because of that, I can be a concierge to them. I can assist them and encourage this movement by designing tours and planning gatherings that can get people to Israel to light the fire that might make a difference in the way they walk through life. I believe that by getting people-Jew or Gentile- on the ground in Israel they will want to become financial supporters, prayer warriors and volunteers and supporters of those wishing to move to their homeland, or those wishing to stay in the U.S. and instill that identity in their children.

Our friend Moshe Kempenski (Shorashim Shop and Learning Center in the Old City) has talked to our groups for 2 decades about the importance of dialogue between Jews and Christians, and it is difficult to cultivate that dialogue without introducing people to the very identity that Mr. Milstein mentioned, and for us that means "boots on the ground" in Israel.

Plant TreeI was not born a Jew, and I would never want to appear to claim that God-given heritage as my own. But everything that I hold sacred was born out of Judaism and for that reason alone, I am connected.

A concierge is a caretaker; someone committed to detail that will help to support. It is my humble honor to be a "Concierge for Israel".     

Mr. Milstein's original article can be viewed here.

"I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked." Psalm 84:10